Cockburn Shire Youth Centre

It should be noted that the City of Cockburn has won national awards as a City for leadership in sustainability, we are proud to work with the City of Cockburn on many projects.

The Youth Centre is the focus for young people in the area between the ages of 10-24 years.  Our younger generation will feel the effects of climate change they can rest assured the City of Cockburn is pulling its weight as a council.

The Youth Centre was the first of the many City of Cockburn sites where Next Power has installed a PV system.

Working closely with the architects, it can be a challenge to meet the aesthetic demands of the designers whilst maintaining solar integrity.

The 6 metre roof chosen for the placement of the panels was not designed to hold the weight of a solar array.

The mounting system was specifically engineered to integrate with the existing structure.

Cladding had to be removed, modified and returned to the structure after the supports for the panels were installed.

Monitoring was achieved with a Sunny Beam and Webbox, repeaters for the data transmission were required for the Bluetooth to transmit the data to the nearest access point.


Size: 5.25kW
Suburb: Success
Panels: Suntech
Inverters: SMA Sunny Boy

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